15 Sep, 2021

Different Types of Yoga to Help You Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

One of the most stubborn fat in your body is belly fat— it is not that easy to lose fat in that area. Also, your...

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12 Aug, 2021

Benefits of Shatkarmas Shatkarmas in Yoga

Shatkarmas are a type of cleansing technique in Yoga where the body is cleaned through various methods.  Shatkarma techniques include things like Kapalabhati, Bastrika, and...

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28 Jul, 2021

The Most Ideal Yoga Poses For Meditation

Meditating can be extremely beneficial for your body and mind, but the benefits simply multiply when you meditate holding the right yoga position. Here are...

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11 May, 2019

Bring the Healthiest Change in Your Life through Yoga way of life

We hear people say we are part of nature, what we don’t understand is that we are nature and have forgotten this conveniently in an...

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